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Boracay kiteboarding was recognized by BBC no less as the number one item on the checklists of serious adrenaline junkies. The distinction was not thrown around lightly. In six months starting from September up until the first quarter of the year, when the Amihan weather season starts, Bulabog Beach or Laguna de Boracay becomes a magnet for kitesurfers and windsurfers alike.

Located on the eastern coast of Boracay, Bulabog Beach faces the Sibuyan Sea and also protected by an offshore reef. The powdery white sand and shallow beaches produces enough waves to make the ride interesting for serious enthusiasts while also easy enough for beginners.

There are numerous Boracay kiteboarding schools that dot the seashore if you want to learn the basics of the sport. They provide all the equipment so just brings along your sense of adventure and a bit of extra cash.

This area of Boracay is not as crowded compared to the White Beach, which is perfect for people who value their privacy.

Cohiba Villas facilitate family hotels which are creatively designed to give guests who want time off on their own, away from the madding crowd. The rooms have a perfect view of the many Boracay windsurfing events so they can lounge around in air-conditioned luxury and still watch the action below.


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